Thursday, June 12, 2008

As D sees me

Ode to Father Tots
To a special person this poem I write
A person who inspires us
With his will and his might.

With Alexander the Great his battles began
Working side by side, with Washington, Churchill
And now Alpha One.

He's old, but he's cool,
Some girls think he's hot
Especially so, when he shows
His bald spot.

He's the eldest of elders,
Our father and mentor,
Some even say he's
Christ the Redentor??

So this present I give
To you Father Tots
We should all hope that some day
We'll have your bald spot.-

1 comment:

Beatriz E Moreno said...

ajajajaj he´s christ the redentor??? jajajja Demasiado comico!

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