Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big day tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day! Estoy demasiado nervioso para algo que se supone que sé. Pero la incertidumbre sobre lo que me van a preguntar en la defensa de la tesis es bárbara. De repente si no conociera a mis tres jurados, estaría menos nervioso, pero los conozco tan bien que me parecería el colmo if I screw it up. Si se van por otra rama que no sea Chechenia, pelé. Hoping for the best, achieveing for the extraordinary.


Tinker said...

Suerte Scooby!!! Avisame como sale todo!

Alicia K said...

Big T... some advise:

-Remember that there is no one in this entire freaking country who knows as much as you do about Chechenya. No one. This is your

-Trust the wisdom that comes with a bald head.

-Don't fear unexpected questions. You've proven through your fast reflexes during the Explosion People incident that Juan josé Aguerrevere is invincible through any and all crisis.

-Get up and win the race! We'll all be waiting for you at the finish line, with alcoholic beverages.

-Take advantage of all that Totoness you posses, and rock Chechenya's ass off. Whenever they ask you a hard question, think Patrick Swayze saying "No one puts Baby in a corner". No one puts Toto in a corner!

Now, stop the worrying and rock Chechenya's ass off!

Miss A

Laura Strazzaboschi said...

Father Tots, good luck no; EXITO!!!! O como dirían los franceses, MERDE! O como dicen los gringos, BREAK A LEG. You´re gonna rock the defense, porque como dice Miss Alice, nadie sabe mas de esa vaina que tu. You´re like the Yoda of the Chechenian Jedis... Bald and all!
Asi que in advance: congrats for the 20! Besos!

Manuela Zarate said...

Juuaaannnn te va a ir buenísimo, vas a veeerrrrrr...don´t worry, tu eres el padre del public speaking y el charm, el año que viene estás presentándole tu cosa a Angelina para que adopte un chechenito...Kill them!!!!!

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