Monday, June 30, 2008

The River of Freedom

I ran across this parable a few months ago and found it interesting. Narrated by Orson Welles, it discusses how the power of freedom is in everybody's hands. So long as they work for it, nurture it, desire and live by it, people will always be free. It also talks about the great perils of not working for freedom: arrogance, pettiness, the mockery of other peoples' ideas and hatred. These unfathomable traits constitute symbols of the evil fate that pursues us and makes us blind in our every day lives.

We take it for granted because we don't know the difference between light and shadow. We conform ourselves to greed, lust and idiocy because it has always been the norm, when in reality that was never "the norm" to begin with. What we so hastily ignore is that the power really lies within us. So long as we strive for it; so long as we want it. So long as we live by it.-


Carlos Huerta said...

word up
oye, te agrego a mi lista de bloggeros, hope u dont mind bro, buen blog

Toto said...

Gracias pana! Con todo gusto!

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