Friday, July 11, 2008

The answer was no

The problem with wishful thinking is that you never contemplate the power of “no”. You imagine situations, scenarios and conversations in your head where you always get the girl, win the award, land the job, ace the test. The problem with wishful thinking is that, if you let it seize your mind for too long, you never get around to actually doing what you’re supposed to do. The image in your head is so much greater, that you play around with it and become enchanted with something that is not actually real. Imagination blocks reality in the purest of forms and you become a coward of your own self.

So late in the game, it rots out your intentions. And when you actually decide to take the plunge and try out your wishful thinking, what was really a dream turns out to be a nightmare of cowardly confessions. That’s when you realize that you are “the pussy” as Nina bluntly puts it. Because you realize that you merely put on a play of your own pathetic self. And you come to terms with the fact that had you done it at the spur of the moment, many moons ago, at the risk of many "no's", the outcome would have been quite different. Cut. Print.

"No". Powerful word. But there it is. So go on with Life, knowing that its out there. Say it! Do it! Live it! Don’t be dishonest to yourself and stop being afraid of no’s. Sooner or later, we all have to lose. But no soldier ever lost a war by sitting in no man's land.

… And then, as the Moon dropped on the valley, Montecristo removed his disguise and finally blurted out his confessions. All he got was laughter; all he received was a mock. Naked as he was, he understood it quite clearly. The answer was no. The King of Wishful Thinking had conquered. And he had lost.

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