Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beautifying Botticellis

For Berdarkness, whose light will never cease to shine.-

I talk to you about choices. Of making it on your own and living what Frost described as the road less traveled. Tough, demanding, scary. Then again, the day you decided that crawling didn’t do it for you and that you best stand on two feet, was the day you embraced the World and made it your own. Think about it. Your parents cooed you into walking, into recognizing your own shadow and fought over if the first word you uttered was “dada” or “mama”. But you alone stood up, saw the black figure in the wall and recognized it as your own. And you uttered “ball” because you could care less about Mom and Dad. What you really wanted was to play with the ball.

Fast forward twenty years later. There you are. A human being standing tall, with shadows that loom around you like haunted forests. “Mama” and “dada” have their own opinions and you have learned to listen. But listening does not mean following. Listening is about taking words and making them your own. Why do we forget this important lesson? Why is it that we can’t be free?

Freedom. It has a price. Money, security, the guarantee that people won’t talk. What would we be doing if we were not scared? Hollywood is a pantomime. Really. Where would you be? You ask yourself about normalcy. We view normalcy in the streets, in conversations, in every day life. But normalcy does not do for someone who has dreamt of flying. Normalcy does not answer questions. Then again, did you really think that Normalcy would be the answer?

It is not. Life is about questions. But it is also about challenges. The trick is to come up with the right answer to the question you’ve been asking yourself every day you look in the mirror: who am I? Go for it. The first thing you think in the morning and the last thing you wish for at night is the answer. Bastian never found out he was the protagonist of his own never ending story until the end. Don’t waste time being the reader. Become the author of your own story. Sure you’ll have drafts, rewrites, flops and criticisms. Most people will defer you from going the distance; many will rain on your parade. Then again, the only one who has the power to hop on a streetcar named Desire is you. Don’t be Blanche and drown in hopeless wishful thinking. Be Harry Potter. He never knew the mark made him special. But he still got on that train. That was his calling.

Birds also follow their calling. Choose your wings and be the bird you want to be. Up, up in the air. Like the mightiest of kites; no matter how tattered its tail may be. The perfect Fabergé eggs that created you may define who you should be. But it’s the quixotic crusades with your Sancho Panza’s that really define who you are. So go. Climb on your stallion. But embrace your dream before embarking on your crusade, and go the distance for it. That will make what I call the cabin in the forest seem like the palace others always dreamed for you. Only this time, it will be your own. The perfect culmination of an imperfect tale. Of waking up and being content at what you see.

In the meantime, read Kavafi’s “Ithaca”; hum to Joel’s “Vienna” and concentrate on lifting your eyes unto the hills. But don't ever stop trying to beautify the Botticellis.


Laura Strazzaboschi said...

Me encantoooo este post. Especialmente esta parte:
"Listening does not mean following. Listening is about taking words and making them your own. Why do we forget this important lesson? Why is it that we can’t be free?"
So true... especially when it´s about parent´s like mine jajaja. Loved the ending too!

oly said...

definitely a pleasure to read your blog!
excellent post!

E.Rigby said...


Maria Buroz said...

Me encantó!!!

Anonymous said...

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man".
George Bernard Shaw

Why are we so focused on being "reasonable"?
Gotta live to make dreams become memories... so that they are ALWAYS in your heart.

E. Rigby said...

¡Tots! Casi por casualidad acabo de releer esto después de tantos años, y no sabes la ayuda que me ha dado. Lo que dices definitivamente no pierde vigencia.
¡Muchas gracias otra vez! :)

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