Friday, July 25, 2008

Make it Big!

Big day today for the Junips today! Your thesis presentation! Shotput! Javelin! Por fín “el cursiiiito” comes to an end and so long Buenos Aires to the intricacies of graphic design school. Hello to the art of doing business! Jupiter we are all so proud of your hard work, and are so thankful that the grouchiness is over (get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay!), and your “shhh no puedo hacer dos cosas a la vez”.

Little Chio Chio (aww la vegetación) would have been so proud of you. I know that Aunt Josephine (Puuuyito), la Burrera, the next bird to be cooked "for the boy who hates thanksgivin'", Margs, One Eyed Willy (Sara alias Sonchy Bonchi), la Carajita, Gisselle alias Gissius Equinoxious, Daddy D. and me (Don Totín) couldn't be prouder of you. Seguro Nani Andrade ya tiene la copa de martini en la mano y el cigarro en la otra: "Guuuuueexxxx". So may the force be with ya!

But like Chechnya all things come to an end, and I’m glad to see que “Naturaleeezaa Uuuuniidaa” (que cursi) is signed, sealed and hell yeah! Delivered! Seguro me opacas. Knock the judges dead (flowers for spring? Groundbreaking). Si son como la Profesora Tronchatoro (¿eres un cerdo Amanda?) stand up tall, answer the questions straightforwardly and do a little dance, make a little love. Basically just get down tonite if things don’t go your way.

Above all be yourself: the noblest character in all of lit-er-a-ture but don’t yell “Muchachooo” if you can’t answer a question: ¿esa viuda? ¡ese pantone! jajajajaa. And if it goes downhill Jack Sparrow your way out of there. Would love to see you through a little hole pero I’ll be waiting for the outcome ASAP so call call (verdad que no tienes mobile….poor unfortunate soul). Anywho champagne bottles to be opened at eighteen hundred hours no matter what the outcome (don't mess with the system!) ¿Te imaginas que raspes? You would be a disgrace to the forces of evil!!! Forever proud of you Pee-Yin. Even though we only hug at New Year’s. Auuuld Lang Syyyneee!

Uncle Knicnack.-

p.s. La Clonquis (summers in Saint Barths, winters in New England. ¿Como te fue mi gordaaa? Ayy, equis) te manda esto de regalo desde el jet yate de la Tía Tita.

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