Thursday, July 31, 2008

What does not cometh

Andrew Whyeth. "Christina's World" (1948).

“The problem is that when you finally and desperately reach out and cry and scream for some help, any help... it never comes.” So wrote my editor Nina in one of her posts this past week. I am in complete disagreement with her but had not found the right words to express so. Until today, when my mind strided through the corridors of the Museum of Modern Art. There she was, alone in a corner. Christina in a pink cotton dress. The sense of peace that surrounds her world gives the viewer the feeling that she has laid down after a long summer stroll thinking that she must go back home.

In reality, Wyeth’s depiction is much cruder. Christina is paralytic. What is in my mind, a sense of peacefulness, actually translates in a world of hardship as she must crawl through her journey in order to make it home. Alone. There is nobody around to help her on her way. That’s just it Nina. Help never does come because you can scream for help and never utter a sound. So why wait for it? Stand up. Like Christina, you’ll eventually make it.-

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