Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jirafas Narcolepticas

I have not slept for two days. Myriads of adventures have swallowed me in a path much like the one Ulysses took on his way to his Penelope. Yet, two special people visited me on this second day of my sleepless nights. One was a man wise beyond his years who paraphrased, behind his dark pasted glasses, one of the most innovative pieces of wisdom I have heard in a very long time: “Las jirafas narcolepticas vendrán a morder a los hombres que no sueñan.” The other was someone who accompanies me in my perils because she believes that I will always be her seat belt, even when I’m afraid my car has already crashed. She wrote this about me behind a painting she drew of me and I have not passed through the fifth point without having to pause to pinch my arms. Maybe if I write this down I can get past through the fact that 29 has given me the best first three days of my life: in hugs, in dawns, in phone calls and in unanswered prayers. These are the facts behind her painted rendition of me:

Why I love the Tots

  • He’s almost 30 and he still loves Disney
  • His wittiness
  • Beautifying Botticelli’s
  • Ithaca
  • The Rules Cheat Sheet
  • His last Christmas e-mail
  • Putting us in his thesis
  • His blog
  • The present he gave Miss Alice
  • Calling me “B”
  • Saying it was an honor to meet me when it was really the other way around
  • Hating unnecessary kissing
  • Saying words like “quixotic crusades”
  • The laughs & tears
  • Giving me all the photos
  • Necessary talks till 4 a.m.
  • Smiling when it hurts
  • Hurting when you hurt
  • Knowing so much & still knowing it’s far too little
  • Telling me to pursue my happiness
  • Being there always
  • Redbulls
  • Wanting to stand out
  • Standing out with his Astor
  • For knowing there’s a little darkness in everyone
  • Because there’s no one like him

To you two: Eloquent conversations of unnecessary subjects is what makes me think that it was worth it for me to return to see what you will become in the future. You and every single “prepo” we mentioned in our conversations. And every other random historic fact for that matter. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.-

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Nina said...

Man... que arrechera que no pude ir! Jajaja TQ.

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