Monday, August 11, 2008

Lovers, Inc.

How the hell do people have lovers? I should get one. Complicated yet simple. Sneaky. A little present to leave your wife when you die as she watches another widow come along. Maquiavelic to say the least. The last laugh on Humanity. Although, you go to Hell for sure. Hell. That’s that corner in my brain right now right? But I like to tell things. Even if they hurt. So I’d probably just make a mess out of the whole thing and send personal A-Bombs flying everywhere. My own little Nagasaki. No, that wouldn’t work. I like Elaine too much to be with Mrs. Robinson.

Life makes you messy. Wash your hands.-

1 comment:

Carlitos Huerta said...

nada mejor que un original ramble, buenisimo,

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