Friday, August 22, 2008

No seas ridículo

Yeah Pops. That’s the lesson you and I both failed to learn: “grow up”. And that is the single reason why I love you both. You taught me to always say exactly what I feel. No “grown up” can ever say that. Not even you. Sorry if it made you uncomfortable. My honesty tends to have that effect on people these days. And I'm living the "ridiculous" consequences. How I hate that word. But I can play the game of "Days of Wine and Roses" to perfection. I learned my part all too well.

I had the most perfect of days. They gave it to me without ever knowing. Guess you needed to be there. I got the best of hugs but it only reminded me that I needed her to give it to me. Even if it was just by phone. So sorry I called. So adamantly sorry that I feathered upon perfection and hung up. It won't happen again. I guess I'm too "grown up" to confess that I missed you. Terribly.-

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