Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The power of can'ting

I can’t:

  • Write if I have under less than four cigarettes in my pack
  • Listen to music while I’m reading
  • Look directly at people who are sitting at the back of a truck while I’m driving
  • Sit straight through one hour of mass without yawning
  • Do the entire Sunday crossword puzzle
  • Eat the last piece of salad
  • Reach the top shelf
  • Read a book without looking at the last page (except for the last Harry Potter)
  • Tolerate people who text message at the movies
  • Hold the line for the unimportant
  • Pour myself water while someone opens the freezer
  • Respect people who don’t know who the Von Trapp’s were
  • Be friends with people who criticize me for speaking in English
  • See my mother cry
  • Drink tomato juice
  • Facially pretend
  • Listen to Baby Einstein without thinking about LSD
  • Sleep on Sundays unless I count something
  • Drive the “subida de los Naranjos” without hating it
  • Answer phones when I’ve just awakened
  • Ask for directions until I’m really lost
  • Stand emoticons
  • See the eye test at the medical certificate center (but I always cheat)
  • Relate to people who slap me hard on the back or grab my arm
  • See an eighteen year old smoking a Cuban cigar without thinking that it’s cheesy
  • Resist being impatient with people who ask for car rides and then make you wait fifteen minutes outside
  • Sign my name exactly the same way as it is in my checking book account
  • Enter a room that makes me nervous without touching my nose
  • Delete you
  • Help but knowing that one day I’ll be that guy on the cliff and know that I’ve made it.-


Miss Alice said...

great post tots

Igor Zurimendi said...

No puedo creer lo de leer y oír música. Leer incluye internet, o leer de un libro?

eusucre said...

Do the entire Sunday crossword puzzle!

Andrés Palacios me va a volver loca un día!

(me encantó esto... quiero hacer mi propio can´ting list jeje)

Toto said...

Sobre todo con Internet. Si no estoy haciendo nada obviamente que mood music pero si me voy a poner a leer algo que me interese a la mitad tengo que apagar la musica porque no puedo concentrarme.

Manuel Andrés Casas said...

El crucigrama del domingo.... mi everest personal.

Bibi said...

Jajaja... curiosa lista...
Tengo dos que comparto:
"Listen to music while I’m reading and Read a book without looking at the last page"
Un beso ;)

Nina said...

Me encantó esto! Me encantó.

victor_marin said...

Esto está muy bueno. Totalmente de acuerdo con lo que dices de la subida de Los Naranjos, lo de quedarse esperando un rato largo a la gente que le das la cola, en fin, con muchas de las cosas que pones.

Está muy buena la idea, muy creativa.

Reina said...

Baby Einstein es lo mejor para cuando no puedes dormir!!

Yo también quiero hacer mi lista.

También te puede interesar:

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