Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Secundaria Lake Placid

Dear Jupiter Jeremiah Springfield the III (alias “el T.S.U. del cursito con anillo de granate” ¡Que nich!)

Graduation day. Another memory for the snapshots Life gives us (even if the background of the picture sea un paravan de nubes que diga “La Casa de las Togas”). I could not be happier for little ol’ Pee-Yin, knowing all the hard work and extra inches that you gave, in order to make it big! What looked like a distant milestone is actually a stepping stone towards the future. So treasure this day, your graduation day, as what it is. The starting line of yet another mile and the search for another finsih line. The commencement of a new adventure.

Your adventure will start on any given Monday morning. Pick any Monday of the month, of any year but Monday it is. That is the reason why we all who have lived before your empire abhor it. Welcome to a world of annoying alarm clocks. Forget the snooze buttons; this time you really have to get up. A day of wondering when your next paycheck will come in because the credit card people called. They’re not really that happy about your credit.

Now comes the time when everybody asks “soooo, what are you gonna dooo?” as if they expect you to come up with the perfect answer about the whereabouts of Carmen San Diego. And while you’d love to give the “what I’d really like to do is be on the yacht all day” answer, you content yourself with just giving the appropriate one: “nada, voy a empezar a trabajar ahorita y después ver si hago un postgrado”. Always go with the postgraduate answer. For some reason people love the postgraduate answer. It’s like Pepto Bismol. It gives others pink relief.

Random people aside, concentrate on your gear for your adventure. Whatever you choose (buen gusto, actitud) I hope you never forget to include the three most important things: determination, happiness and Tic Tacs. The first two I’ll explain further. Tic Tacs are simply to offer around when you encounter bosses with bad breath or people with hindered spirits (we hate the unhindered but then again, we really should do something for Mankind).

Determination is the motor that will send you along the places you want to go. More often than not, you will get lost along your way. Determination is what will get you out of the haunted woods and into the fields of gold to look up at the stars. Second star to the right and straight until morning, Pooh. That’s the path. Don’t worry about getting lost. You got lost in a mountain once, so you can do anything riiiighht?

Happiness is what you will find in the most uncommon of corners. Don’t worry about success and don’t fret over failure. Worry about being yourself and liking who you are. That’s happiness. Being rich will do it but being poor (ojo not bankrupt like you so frequently are) will do it also. So instead of wasting time worrying about money, worry more about being wealthy: in body, mind, and spirit (es cursisimo Alejandro pero si te digo que seas millonario and you’re not, you’ll blame me at 65 for not saying so!)

There’s a picture in my bathroom that says “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” It doesn’t really mean “be poor, be ignorant”. It’s really more about being ambitious and being curious. Never resist upon the temptation to explore and discover. Even if you really want to know how Post-its are made. Even if you do eventually kill the damn curious cat.

Adventure your way through imagination. But forgive those who have been blinded by idiocies and have lost theirs. Especially your bosses. Those are to be treated with respect but under the condition that intolerance and apathy, from both yourself and them, be left outside the door. Immerse yourself in your work as you would a Pollock painting, but always make room to stay close to your friends.

We both know I’ll never be responsible enough to visit you in a hospital when you’ve anti-acided your way through life, so your friends (y la Clonquis!) are probably the next best thing for company. Hug Mom every time you can. Eventually we will get rid of her. And when we do, you’re actually gonna miss your friend. Lastly, when you do set sail on your own little adventure, that takes you beyond the borders of our own little world, do not forget to write me. Even if it's ever so often. I can’t wait to see what I already know you will become. A pita in the pocket!-


“Your brother….he’s quite the playboy isn’t he?”
(Si, sobre todo tú jaja)


ALEJO said...

Well this is very generous! Toto pero mas que nada te necesito en el momento que me "retrate" la fotografa del Palacio del Graduando y me diga que mi foto holding my diploma es para colocarla en la entrada de mi casa junto a la de yo sosteniendo la hostia a lo primo comulgante...UUUGHHH!!!

te pasaste con lo de "you can do anything... riiiiight?!"

Anonymous said...

ay no entiendo como usar esto... many thanks for the speeeeeeech!

Manuel Andrés Casas said...

Lo del snooze es mentira, yo pongo el despertador 27 minutos antes para poder darle 3 veces a snooze antes de despertarme, el efecto es netamente psicológico, pero por lo menos para mí funciona.

P.D. en verdad lo peor de graduarse deben ser las millones de preguntas ladillas de la gente de "y que vas a hacer ahora" y me acabo de dar cuenta que yo soy una de esas personas que las hace, de ahora en adelante la voy a cambiar a "qué quieres hacer en tu tiempo libre" ser menos trillado.

Tía be as said...

Te botaste.Pensar que Steve Jobs siendo CEO de Apple Computer y de Pixar Animation Studios, tuvo el valor de admitir ante Stanford students: "I never graduated from college.Truth told, this is the closest I've ever gotten to a college graduation" y terminó wishing "Stay Hungry.Stay Foolish"

Monica said...

love it!!!!!!!!

mariana said...

Sorry por arrocear en este post, pero being a recién graduada myself, estoy en la bendita etapa de transición y lo único que oigo estos días, y lo único que NO quiero oir es la frase a la que haces alusión!
Leer tus posts es como ir al shrink GRATIS! (Como diría Banesco)
En fin, me tomé el escrito como si fuera pa' mi, (obviando las partes de ale, y la perdida en la montaña claro ajajaj)
Aprovecho pa' felicitar a ague too por su big accomplishment!
Ahora habiéndome metido lo suficiente en la conv, y habiéndote dado mi opinión, once again U RULE !!
Keep 'em coming!

PS: Yo también aplico la del Snooze psicológico! Works like a charm!!!! jejejeje
Mari Marval

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