Saturday, September 27, 2008

If you must...

If you must look, look ahead.
If you must feel, feel passionately.
If you must speak, speak of greatness.
If you must believe, believe the impossible.
If you must paint, paint the unpainted.
If you must walk, walk the line.
If you must love, love the details.
If you must laugh, laugh the loudest.
If you must protest, protest with reason.
If you must think, think big.
If you must dream, dream of unicorns.
If you must make a fool of yourself, never apologize.
If you must imagine, imagine freedom.
If you must hate, learn to forgive.
If you must run, run the distance.
If you must dance, dance with the stars.
If you must criticize, do so in private.
If you must give thanks, thank effusively.
If you must read, read for pleasure.
If you must sing, sing to the mountains.
If you must feel beautiful, paint your soul.
If you must help, help anonymously.
If you must dress, dress for success.
If you must discuss, choose minds that think unlike you.
If you must seduce, seduce with valor.
If you must stand up for yourself, stand up with conviction.
If you must drive, avoid the full roads.
If you must speak of money, speak with humility.
If you must find your talent, read the parable.
If you must tell a lie, be conscious of the consequences.
If you must tell the truth, let your heart run wild.
If you must opine of what you know not, learn to listen.
If you must listen, listen carefully.
If you must admire, admire simplicity.
If you must feel sexy, flip your goddamn hair.
If you must tell a joke, never forget the punch line.
If you must study, study for your nourishment.
If you must find your flaws, also find your virtues.
If you must find friendship, find your wingmen.
If you must kiss, kiss with meaning.
If you must read poetry, always be the heroine.
If you must find love, never settle for the next best thing.
If you must find your destiny, never forget where you came from.
But most of all if you must find happiness, never forget to find it in yourself.-

Happy Birthday Berdarkness. May your shadows always make our sunsets ever more pleasant to watch.-


E.Rigby said...

If you must be Father Tots, never seize to amaze me.

Nothing like being given thoughtful wisdom, specially in such a beautiful form :).

Sinceras gracias :) (Dicho con todo efusivo!)

Igor Zurimendi said...

Cease, disculpa.
Brillante Juan José.Tendrías éxito como escritor de libros de auto-ayuda (traté de conseguir un término menos indigno pero no me vino a mente).

E.Rigby said...


Er Crini said...

If I must pick just one It would be... "If you must love, love the details"

Pero weee... como siempre se vale una ñapa la otra puede ser... "If you must believe, believe the impossible".

Segunda vez que paso por tu blog y por lo visto vendré más seguido jeje.

Toto said...

Gracias! Me encanto escribirlo.

También te puede interesar:

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