Thursday, October 23, 2008

Borat Texting Ping Pong

MAC from ¿518? and Toto from the Mad Hatter texting from different traffic jams in the city:

M: We should go have visky tomorrow, yes?
T: Ya, we should.
M: Yes, happy Thursday I go out school early.
T: Ah no learning of skinning rabbits and raping vomen in university?
M: No, tomorrow is just disco dancing and ping pong.
T: Or perhaps roller skating and later, how you say in American? Canasta.
M: I sink knitting and Rummy Q is better.
T: Scuba diving in kitchen sink and Georgian monopoly.
M: Play with G.I. Dimitri and Put the Tail on the Platypus.
T: Chase the moose and drown bastards.
M: Burn fence and shoot the prostitutes.
(......) Much later,
T: Dude, let’s just invade the damn village.
M: Ve ransacked it last veek.
T: True. Game over.-


c-e-s-a-r said...

purity of genious at its finest.

i remove my hay and bow in front of you two.

ajjajajajaja keeps these coming.

Nina said...

You people are crazy...

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