Friday, October 24, 2008

I wanna be Bob Dylan

You know how you spread good in the World and good gets back to you? No, we would not know, would we? Because I don't even know if it was good in the first place. But I did something. A while back. Something. Without thinking. And it came back to haunt me. And it was so perfect that it scared me. For a moment. But now, alone, it scares me again. Non, je ne regrette rien... or do I? Time. How you punish me. Hootie why'd you leave with the one hit wonder? We counted on you for wisdom. Yet, time stands. Ticking. We can't all be Dylan's can't we? Or do we all need to watch the black haired Flamenco dancer to realize that Life is funky. Well, isn't it? Oh so you really have the answer? I'd like to know. It just can't all be all about Norwegian Wood. Birds must fly. Eventually. Y el Condor pasa. And we would all like to be there to see it soar. Even if just for a moment. Fire will always bring it back. That, we know.-

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