Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Manolita and Toto at Tea

Scenario: Manolita thanks Toto for the millionth social connection related favor he has done for her since they met in the yonder years of the Paleozoic Era.

MZ: ¿Qué haría yo sin ti?
T: You would ultimately succumb to the unfathomable depths of alcoholisms.
MZ: (ponders for a while)....You know? That would be terrible. Not because of illnesses and moral implications, but because I am such a boring drunk.

What I learned today: I appreciate honesty in all my women.-

1 comment:

Manuela Zarate said...

What can I say my love...I wear my mind on my sleeve, jajaja...but it is true...I AM a boring drunk and there is nothing worst.

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