Friday, November 28, 2008

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Hoy entregué la aplicación para el Programa de Jóvenes Profesionales de la UNESCO. Que quede es otra cosa porque según tengo entendido son doce preclasificados por país y luego en la organización escogen a solamente diez personas a nivel mundial. Por supuesto cuando uno se imagina que la competencia seguro es un neonato astrofísico que ayudó a los diecisiete años a salvar a una población entera del hambre con la implantación de algo como la yuca, la cosa asusta. Particularmente cuando uno se ve a esa edad pegando brincos gritando "¿Qué lo que quiere esa nena? Fuego, fuego llamen a los bomberos." Pero esta era una puerta que quería tocar desde que tengo veintiséis años. Si se me da, seré el primer sorprendido. Así que a cruzar dedos.-

Aquí parte de uno de los ensayos que entregué, basado en lo que escribí en un post titulado ¿Se puede empacar el Orgullo?:

Knowing how to pack a suitcase constitutes the most significant learning experience I have acquired in Life. More often than not, we pack the wrong things on our life journeys and end up regretting the things we did not do because of lack of proper attire. Or, if you are my mother, wrinkles. What gives me pride does not rely on the fact that I can fold clothes but rather on what use those clothes have given me on my journeys.

My life’s suitcase has afforded me with a pair of swimming trunks in which I have shown a boy how to dive headfirst into a river. To teach something to someone, especially how to use his head, can be the most gratifying experience on any given afternoon and that boy has forever reminded me that I was the one who taught him that very special lesson.

Comfortable shoes have led me to lose myself through the streets of Montmartre in my eternal quest for literary wisdom, climb the Adirondacks in complete contemplation of Nature and its surroundings and march peacefully through the valley of Caracas when I, along with my compatriots, feel that the Government has been trampling on our inalienable rights. The soles of those shoes may be a bit tarnished, yet they have given me an unequivocal balance of body, mind and spirit through all the adventures I have put them up to.

That suitcase has also allowed me a woolen sweatshirt which has protected me from cold nights in Maine where I tucked my campers into bed after an evening of imaginative stories, walked in companionship through Bostonian or Parisian bridges conversing about world affairs with other internationals and embraced a loved one in a memorable concert in Oslo, thinking to myself that it can never be warmer.

Those are the experiences I value most. To embark upon a journey with a suitcase filled with proper clothes and return to my country with a trunk full of memories. However tarnished my suitcase is and however wrinkled my clothes are, nothing can compare to the wrinkle of satisfaction that forms in my mind when I unpack and see where those clothes led me to.-


Tia Mama said...

Mi amor manten los dedos cruzados porque el mundo no se puede perder las ventajas por tu cruce en esa puerta. Preparense para la Cruzada de Toto

Manuela Zárate said...

Chamo. Decrétalo, vas a entrar. Y si te da la crisis de autoestima pensando en el astrofísico no se qué carrizo piensa que en cada vaina de esas uno encuentra un carajo que no entiendes cómo entró: ese puedes ser túuu!!! Jajaja, bobo, te sobran las cualidades. Ya te lo dije: the mother ship is calling you home. Y si por algo no se da, pues vuelves a intentar. Pero de que entras, entras.

Beatriz E Moreno said...

mira entres o no yo creo que ese essay de hacer maletas te quedo excelente! Me gusto mas en español debo aceptar, pero sea como sea it gave me a lot to think about!

Anonymous said...

signed sealed delivered, Paris: I'm yoursss!!!!!! Mi tota, I always knew, that with you (or Casablanca) WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS...count on it, because we all do...acuerdate mi tota, we are destined to such experiences in life, we never thought we would...but life is like a box of choc!! you never know what you're gonna get...and you've gotten great flavor so far!

te luvvv
Corolin Corolao

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