Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finding Neverland

Esta conversación la encontré en uno de mis tweets y se me olvidó que había ocurrido.

Toto: "La dirección del País de Nunca Jamás es second star to the right and straight until morning."
Anne: "Ahhh, ¿la calle se llama 'Morning'?"

Gotta love Anne.-


Anonymous said...

ah!, great!, a place to write down on the terror logi$TICK$ neolibtiCAL$&rinoliphant$ have "changed" (their minds only) into a $odomiCAL pre-$harryAlawfool sanctuary zones...
comming up: what I saw as an anti-terror volunteer

Anonymous said...

wao!, I'm about to reveal more IDing of terror logi$TICK$ a TEA Creator like only sees (because of the being active actitude and never ending that):
the police looklike dude who came last night and the night before to check arround me just because Gadinsky mamagements has a (female lesbian sodomic prision world looklike) paralegaly cometed felonies against me, same stablishment miamidfade sanctuary has on me even before I started to denounce this terror rino-neolib crap.
debby, rick sanches has a police brother, that explains the radio defending of your acorn auuuthority on my family.
rick police brother COMES FROM MIAMI DADE SANCTUARY SO HE IS A TERROR LOGI$TICK ALREADY, the proves: prision sodomical pre-$harryAlawfool "changes", schools don't teach on God... gay-lesb police, judges, teachers...
rick, you laugh on my homeless situation, I rejected to become into a cartel police, so I'm not like you.
want to laugh more?
laugh on this: my sister ended up "legaly" tortured/tryed to be killed, castrocoyote lourdes martinez remains owning my postal address rick, so I can't write my books as part of my profession: to write down after media experience. i'm not homeless or jobless "just because I didn't participate on a mega acorn brain city $(beeep)t auuuthority warg on your face.
offcr dominic, cptn noel, judge yadira pedrasa, christina perez, chilli's costumers/owners, leasten rick, estupinian, a very "important" activist of the supposed exile revealed the CUBAN AMERICAN REALITY: they help castros to pursue (means kill) enemies, by using any cuban in exchange of miseries to provide to the cubans relatives in cuba, they can't participate in anything, they help their families by participating with castro's pursuings. I know this is being erased, I just wanted to warn you again, you're facing penalty of death, laugh rick, "wtfaI talking about?"
I still face paralegalties, my postal adress box belongs to a castrocoyote, and as on chilli's rick sanchez, the debbydebthor$e lilschool old club boys friend
just laugh on me...
yes rick, I'm playing you (I'll try, you know I may not have eaten at the time and may be seeking for jobs) let's see what else miami sanctuary zone finds funy on MY PROFFESION (I don't ask for money to one)...
rick, do your bro understands wtfI talking about?, I mean, he hasn't denounce this AND MORE!! WHY?
you'll tell (me)

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