Friday, February 18, 2011

To all the Princes of Maine, Kings of New England

Encontré esto en mi caja de recurdos. Lo escribí en el 2005 a mis chamos del campamento. Fitting to share thinking of the HNMUN crew up there in freezing Boston. Best of luck.

May you forever treasure this summer in your minds; may you always remember the colors of the sunset off Main Dock and the morning mist on your way through the field. May you relish the thrill of making it to first base in a Twilight League game, the excitement of getting up on water-skis or just the pure innocent fun of running around.

I hope you look back this winter and remember the Magic card casino playing during free time, silly songs around our cookouts and yes, even attempting to raid the Falcons. I hope you remember your cabin skit an all the pre-stage jitters you had, followed by your triumphant bow for a job well done. I pray that you smile excitedly when you are told the story of General Zaroff and Rainsford being able to yelp aloud: “Hey I’ve heard this before!” I also hope that when you see a pirate’s flag you remember Charlie and when you twist the globe around in your classroom and find a land named Venezuela, you remember me.

Most of all, I hope you take with you forever the simple lessons we all conveyed to you this summer. Be respectful of yourself and others. Be fair, even when the four-square ball game says otherwise. Clean up after yourselves. Remember that tight beds are often the nicest ones to lie down in for an afternoon. Always have a song to sing no matter how silly or inappropriate the moment (singing relaxes your mind and is a pointer the “chicas” later on in life) and never, ever, lose the opportunity to make a friend. Remember always to LISTEN. To your elders, your friends and your surroundings. In time, you’ll see that life evolves much easier if you listen to what others have to say. Take the time to listen to silence. That is the moment when you are hearing yourself.

Above all, never forget what it was to be twelve.-

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